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Portrait Artist:
Three profile portrait sketches and/or life drawings.
Caricature Artist:
Three caricature sketches of famous people from magazine photos.
Please also include the magazine photos with application.
Airbrush Artist:
Three airbrush artwork samples and drawings.

*** If selected for an interview, you may be required to participate in talent audition in which we will evaluate your skills through actual performance of artistic work in our presence so we can determine whether you have the skills and capabilities to perform services within our standards. The audition and interview are not compensated; they are merely a performance-based interview and your work will not be sold to others. Artistic work prepared during the audition is the sole property of Kaman's Art Shoppes, although, in our sole discretion, we may return the work to you to take home.


Kaman Art Shoppes, Inc. makes hiring decisions based on objective and subjective factors that help determine the best candidate for any open position. The Company does not, however, discriminate in hiring, promotion, discipline or other aspects of employment based on characteristics or circumstances protected under any governing federal or state law.


The Applicant represents that information provided in this Application, resumé, and any interview questions are true, correct, and complete to the best of the Applicant's knowledge. False or misleading answers, or purposefully omitted information, whether in this Application or during the interview process, may lead to the denial of employment or immediate termination if hired.


Offers of employment may be conditioned on the satisfactory completion of a background check (including educational, employment, criminal history, driving record, and/or credit check, as authorized or permitted by the state or jurisdiction in which you will be hired) to the extent the information has a direct relationship to a business need or essential job function (i.e., if driving on company business is required, a driving record review will be obtained; if you handle cash or funds, a credit check and criminal history check will be required). Adverse information obtained through a background check will not result in a denial of employment unless it directly relates to your current ability to safely and successfully perform your job. We will notify you of any adverse information received that results in a withdrawal of an offer of employment and provide you with a copy of the received information.

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