Pastel Portrait Artist

Sometimes a photograph just won't do! Our Pastel Portrait Artists learn just how to capture those simple, special qualities that just can't be recorded on film! As a Pastel Portrait Artist for Kaman's Art Shoppes you will:

  • Benefit from training and coaching by experienced Pastel Portrait Artists!
  • Learn our Quick-Sketch techniques to create lifelike Pastel Portraits!
  • Build important skills in Customer Service, Craftsmanship and Salesmanship by working one-on-one with your customers in the studio setting!
  • Learn our quick Meet/Greet and "Demonstration Sketch" techniques to successfully approach potential customers!
  • Impress customers and showcase your artwork with Custom Matting & Framing!
  • Enhance your Artwork Sales by offering optional full color, front-view and profile Pastel Portraits!


  • Good drawing ability is important and required.
  • Previous portrait drawing experience is helpful, but not necessary for this position.
  • Must be outgoing, energetic and willing to learn exciting new skills!
  • Interested applicants should submit at least three portrait sketches from life.
  • Must be able to sketch quickly in front of large groups of people.
  • Must be available for flexible work schedules, including some evenings, weekends and holidays.
  • Applicants must complete an "audition sketch" at the time of their interview.
  • Training is provided for qualified applicants